Privacy Policy

The business model for 6DOS relies exclusively on subscriptions. As such, we promise:

  • Your data is never for sale. Period.
  • With no data for sale, there will never be advertising or spam. 

That’s it. You can find more details below, but everything starts and ends with our promises to you.

Why we care about your privacy

We believe you should own the relationships, and corresponding contact details, that exist offline, when represented online.

Other tech companies opt for a business model that offers users free use of the platform, but then requires massive data collection on its users which the company turns around and sells.  This simply doesn’t seem right to us. In this scenario, users do not ‘own’ their own data.

We want our users to truly own their own data and their personal connections’ contact information. Yes, we think this makes for a better user experience with no ads and no spam. Yes, we think this improves our users’ efficiency on the platform. More importantly though, we just think it’s the right thing to do.

How we secure your information

We exercise great care to protect your personal information. We utilize the highest level of security available including, among other things, using industry standard techniques such as firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection.