Privacy Means Privacy

From Day 1, we prioritized privacy. It’s not sexy, but we think it’s vitally important. Here’s why.

Privacy is a hot topic. The New York Times recently ran an Opinion piece titled “It’s Time to Panic About Privacy”. Talk about arresting – being told the situation is so dire that you should be panicking. The piece does not even rehash some the longer standing reasons that privacy has become an issue – data breaches or identity theft. So we find ourselves with lots of company regarding the topic of user privacy and how to handle it.

Separate from individual’s privacy, as a tech company we also wanted to account for privacy in our business model. Other tech companies opt for a model that offers free use of the platform, but then requires massive data collection on its users which the company turns around and sells. In this scenario, users do not own their own data – the company does. The company gets to decide how they will use the data, who they will sell it to, and monetize it their hearts’ content.

We simply disagree with this business model. We believe users – our customers – should own their data. Plain and simple.

Why? As a lot of decisions here at 6DOS do, it comes down the Golden Rule. We want to treat our customers’ data as we would want our own data treated – protected and owned solely by the individual user.

We want our users to truly own their own data and their personal connections’ contact information. Yes, we think this makes for a better user experience with no ads and no spam. Yes, we think this improves our users’ efficiency on the platform. More importantly though, we just think it’s the right thing to do.

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