Why Build Something New

LinkedIn is a behemoth. Why did we take on such an ambitious mission of building a better solution? Let us explain.

Today LinkedIn is such a large company that they have diversified their offerings. The categories LinkedIn focuses on are: Sell, Market, Recruit and Learn. 6DOS believes we can provide a better experience for our users in both the Sell and Recruit areas.  

The 6DOS business model is a subscription service. This means we make our money by providing our customers with a valuable service that they decide each month to continue using and thereby continuing to pay for.  A subscription business model forces a company to be hyper focused on the user experience.

One way we believe our user experience will be superior is we will not be selling advertising on our platform. Our users do not have to wade through a variety of updates, ads, and solicitations. Instead, they can come and easily conduct the searches and discoveries they are looking to execute.  

Furthermore, we do not allow spammers to run rampant. We employ strict policies that result in progressively longer bans from the platform after multiple violations.  These policies eliminate the constant stream of invitations to connect with strangers, again improving the day to day experience of our users.

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